Years ago, Congress established a universal service policy for telephone service.† It required that those living in rural areas have access to communications services at prices that are affordable and reasonably comparable to those available in urban areas.† The Universal Service Fund is essential to carrying out this policy.† But rather than supporting true universal service, the FCCís new rules promise faster, better service to some Americans while guaranteeing lesser service at higher cost for others.


Donít let the FCC keep our rural community on the slow side of a broadband digital divide.† Donít let the FCC adopt policies that will require rural consumers to pay higher rates for telephone service and slower broadband.† Contact your congressional representatives and urge them to support regulatory action that ensures equal and affordable access to broadband for all Americans.† Ask your representative to help make sure that the new rules are implemented in a manner that is fair for all rural customers and consistent with true universal service.

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