Internet Services DSL Speeds

Package Download Upload Monthly Price
Basic Up to 512 K Up to 512 K $19.95
Basic Plus Up to 768 K Up to 768 K $24.95
Speed Up to 1.0 M Up to 1.0 M $29.95
Speed Plus Up to 1.5 M Up to 1.0 M $34.95
Zoom Up to 2.0 M Up to 1.0 M $39.95
Zoom Plus* Up to 3.0 M Up to 1.0 M $49.95
Premium* Up to 4.0 M Up to 1.0 M $59.95
Premium Plus* Up to 5.0 M Up to 1.0 M $69.95
Platinum*1 Up to 10.0 M Up to 1.0 M $99.95

*Not available in all areas
1Package is not available for wireless customers

$25.00 installation for non-members
$10.00 to downgrade internet speeds
Mud Lake Telephone retains ownership of all modems.
Wireless Routers may be purchased from us for $65.00
Recommended security options:
Anti-spam filtering is availalbe for $1.00/month per email address