Internet Services

Mud Lake Internet Speeds

Package   Download Speed   Upload Speed   Monthly Price
BasicUp to 2 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps$24.90
Level 1Up to 4 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps$34.90
Level 2Up to 6 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps$44.90
Level 3Up to 8 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps$54.90
Level 4Up to 10 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps$64.90
Level 5Up to 25 MbpsUp to 3 Mbps$104.90
Level 6Up to 10 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$154.90
Level 7Up to 25 MbpsUp to 25 Mbps$204.90

Some speeds are not available in all areas

Unlimited Data

Subject to our Acceptable Use Policy

Other Fees and Conditions

Fee Name:Price
Member InstallationFree
Non-Member Installation$25.00
Downgrade Fee$10.00


Mud Lake Telephone retains ownership of all provided equipment. Charges will be levied for missing equipment based on type of service.

DSL   $50.00
Wireless   $50.00
Fiber Optic   $250.00

Our prices include wireless access inside your home, though you can provide your own.

Prices valid from 08/01/2018